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The Timekeeper Story of Luxury Watches in Colombo

The Timekeeper Story of Luxury Watches in Colombo

Dealing in Luxury timepieces is beyond a business. It is a passion that is deeply etched in our veins. Our team consists of luxury watch enthusiasts, owners and collectors. The inception of timekeeper came to fruition to open a world of luxury to a community of watch lovers in Sri Lanka. We have been advocates and collectors of the best luxury watch brands for decades. If you are looking for the most sought-after luxury watches in Colombo, look no further than Timekeeper.

With the passing of time and good faith, our team crossed paths. Which eventually brought about the inception of Timekeeper in 2020. With our far reaching global network we are able to procure the rarest and most luxurious timepieces from across the world.

Our Team

Abdul Rahman

Chief Horologist

For myself, Haute Horology is more than work, it's part of who I am. I believe it is one of humankind's finest pieces of art. Luxury timepieces have always captivated me through their story, prestige and sheer mastery in complications. I have been a watch enthusiast and collector for years; which eventually paved the path to being the Chief Horologist. I take great pride and pleasure in curating and guiding my clients through the best investments they can make. The value of the relationships I have with my clients, is the same that I have with my watches; It grows with time.

Ali Mowjood

Horology Connoisseur

I'm a specialist in operations and marketing with prior corporate experience in banking sector. My unbridled passion watches was cultivated through years of networking with exceptional entrepreneurs and professionals who appreciated the finer aspects of life. As a Connoisseur at Timekeeper, it’s my role to ensure that our clients get a truly luxury experience.

Our mission is to help our clients tell their stories through mesmerizing timepieces

Timekeeper © 2024. All Rights Reserved.

Timekeeper © 2024.

All Rights Reserved.

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